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Melissa Checker and her book "The Sustainability Myth: Environmental Gentrification and the Politics of Justice"

Checker exposes the hidden costs of New York City’s efforts to transform industrial waterfronts into green oases, in The Sustainability Myth.

The approaching November break offers a welcome opportunity to express how grateful I am to all of you — faculty, students, staff, and alumni — for the commitment you have shown to The Graduate Center and its mission through all that you do.

Pablo Crespo helped archaeologist Gino Caspari map Scythian burial sites across a huge swath of territory in present-day Russia, Mongolia and China using Google Earth images. (credit: Pablo Caspari)

Crespo, an economics Ph.D., applied his machine learning knowledge to create a tool that allows archaeologists to access hard-to-reach sites. 


Woman in mask on NYC subway

The Graduate Center is working with CUNY to respond to the effects of COVID-19 on our community.